Friday, 5 February 2010


Scratch are proud to announce their next special guests as Mr Thing and First Rate with host MC, Jehst.

Scratch are super proud to announce their next special guests as the incredible turntable party monsters Mr Thing and First Rate with host MC, the lyrically intelligent Jehst.

This event is a particularly exciting for two reasons. Firstly our guests DJ Mr Thing and First Rate come as a pair and will therefore include a very rare 4 turntable performance from two of the UK's finest turntablists.

Both were of course part of the Scratch Perverts back in 1999 when as a foursome (with Tony Vegas and Prime Cuts) they won the DMC World Team Championships with their legendary winning performance in New York.

The second reason this night is special is DJ Mr Thing and First Rate were one of the first DJ guests to perform at Scratch all the way back in the summer of 1996 at what used to be known as the Cross Bar (now the Big Chill House).

Since then, the two have been very much part of the Scratch family on regular occasions, performing at most of the Scratch nights both in the UK and abroad at events such as the MTV Cannes Film Festival and Snowbombing.

So expect to see some absolute magic on the decks from two very special friends of Scratch.

Hosting alongside Mr Thing and First Rate we have another UK Hip Hop stalwart, Jehst. The man who gave us classic cuts such as the critically acclaimed "High Plains Drifter" EP and the man behind the excellent YNR productions record label will be there to bless the mic and keep the crowd very happy!

Alongside our residents Matt Smooth, Richy Pitch, Lyley and Tomski we also welcome Doctors Orders resident DJ, Spin Doctor and as well as the turbo charged B-boy and B-girl battles and free entry before 12 (yes you haven't read that wrong) it guarantees to be an amazing night!


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